Strength, Hypertrophy and Athletic training: Latest trends

Christian Thibaudeau

21. - 22. 9. 2024 | Brno

Christian Thibaudeau for the first time in the Czech Republic! A two-day seminar with one of the most famous strength coaches in the world! This is his only seminar in Europe in 2024! As a coach, you don’t want to miss this event!

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And who is coach Christian Thibaudeau? Read more about him here.

This two-day seminar will teach you the key scientific foundations for achieving maximum progression, as well as the best approaches for planning a workout for hypertrophy, strength, or athletic performance.


SECTION A – Key Physiological Knowledge:

  • The different types of fatigue (peripheral, central, and neurological) and their impact on planning
  • The mechanisms of hypertrophy development
  • The mechanisms of strength development
  • The impact of cortisol and adrenaline on progression and how to properly control them
  • How to optimize each repetition according to the goal
  • The phenomenon of interference in training
  • Neuromuscular grouping of each method and what are the effective combinations
  • Specialization: how to address the main problem of advanced clients in stagnation

SECTION B – Programming:

  • The importance of planning and a cyclical approach to training
  • Description of the block planning system
  • Description of each type of block
  • Structure, characteristics, and duration of blocks
  • The phenomenon of transfer for sports performance

SECTION C – Training System, Methods, and Step-by-Step Planning:

  • Omni-Contraction System
  • System of division by physical abilities
  • Client evaluation
  • Concentric methods
  • Eccentric methods
  • Isometric methods
  • Plyometric methods
  • Planning a strength training cycle
  • Planning a sports performance training cycle (off-season)
  • Planning a sports performance training cycle (in-season)
  • Hypertrophy planning


The seminar will be held entirely in English.

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Date and place:

21. - 22. 9. 2024

Strange Training, Brno
Šámalova 62/a


Early bird price: CZK 15,900 (€636) - ends 22.6.2024!
Standard price: CZK 18,500 (€740)

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